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What is Cannabidiol aka CBD?

Common Question! What is CBD? CBD is the medicinal compound derived from the Cannabis hemp plant which contains less that .3% THC. Hemp is federally legal & non-psychoactive, producing only therapeutic results for most ailments. DO NOT get Hemp  Derived CBD confused with Marijuana! Organic Hemp & Marijuana are both species of the Cannabis Sativa plant, but the major difference between the two is Marijuana produces a psychoactive high due to the high levels of THC while its counterpart Hemp only produces medicinal benefits and is non-psychoactive due to its low level of THC and high levels of CBD. 

This makes Hemp the obvious choice when it comes to Pain Management, Neurological Problems as well as Skin Problems.  Cannabidiol is 1 of Over 100 identified cannabinoids found in the hemp plant which is responsible for hemps healing effects. Cannabinoids work naturally with our bodies CB1 & CB2 receptors, which we believe is not a coincidence because Organic Hemp is a proven reliever! It comes in 3 forms; Full Spectrum CBD, Broad-Spectrum Hemp and  CBD Isolate which I break down on this page as well and explain why Full Spectrum CBD is your #1 Choice & which is why CBD Education is crucial so customers do not waste time and  money on products that give minimal to no results!

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