Monday, November 29, 2021
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Difference between Full-Spectrum CBD Oil vs Broad-spectrum vs CBD Isolate

Difference between Full-Spectrum CBD Oil vs Broad-spectrum vs CBD Isolate//CBD Isolate is when  Cannabidiol is separated from the plant & is the only Phyto-Cannabinoid present (BOOOO!). “PCR” CBD Oil on the other hand has every single Phyto-Cannabinoid the hemp plant has to offer. The difference between Full-Spectrum PCR CBD oil &  CBD Isolate, in short, Its all about the “ENTOURAGE EFFECT” that is ONLY present in Full-Spectrum PCR CBD Oil & NOT in  CBD Isolates. Broad-Spectrum on the other hand, is in the middle of both Full-Spectrum & Isolate. It contains minimal Phyto-Cannabinoids, making it an obvious reason why not to waste your money on Broad Spectrum just like with Isolate. A LOT of companies will deceive their customers and claim it is Full Spectrum CBD Oil because they know educated customers only want Full-Spectrum CBD Oil so they label it as Full-Spectrum but at the same time they will advertise “0” THC, which is impossible to have “0” THC in Full-Spectrum, therefore customers are being lied to and wonder why they get no results and become weary about hemp derived CBD products and their effectiveness.

So be aware of what type of hemp you are purchasing and DO NOT be fooled by the lie and deceptions of many companies labeling and marketing techniques. ONLY USE FULL-SPECTRUM CBD PRODUCTS IF YOU WANT RESULTS and are tired of wasting your money on  Cannabidiol Isolate or Broad Spectrum CBD Products that do not work effectively. It is just the reality of things that Full-Spectrum CBD is far superior to both Broad Spectrum and  CBD Isolates due to the much loved entourage effect, and lets just face it, Mother Nature makes the rules, we just follow them! It is also why Docta Rasta only uses Full-Spectrum Organic CBD Oil in our products. We want to bring you the highest quality & most effective Organic CBDproducts possible to help all of your pain & suffering, because well… that’s how Mother Nature would want it to be!

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